Meet Vanessa.

Hi there!

Thank you for stopping at Cottage and Thistle!  Our shop started out at local markets and with specialty ordering, but it has now come home to eCommerce to allow many more of you to enjoy our products. 

Although I have lived on both coasts and points in between, I have come back to my home state of NH to raise my son, Oliver. I am a happy Mama to Oliver, a businesswomen and a lover of all things dusty and vintage. (Dusty in my house, not so much.  Dusty in someone's barn, YES!)

Random Vanessa Facts (in absolutely no particular order):

The name of the store includes two things that are a favorites of my late Mom and I. Mom had a love of thistles, something about the look of them she just loved.  And cottages is all me.  Obsessed with all things cozy cottage, no matter the location. 

While I don't enjoy cooking as much as I should, I love to bake. Butter and sugar, bring it! 

I love decorating for any ol'  holiday (I'm lookin' at you Flag Day).

The best place I have ever lived, bar none, the South End of Boston.  A magical time with so many friends on the same block.

My best travel memory is walking through a field of yellow rapeseed flowers, just north of Paris, years ago. 

My favorite thing to photograph is definitely old dilapidated barns all over the country. So many stories in those old structures.

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Reach out to me at vanessa@cottageandthistle.com. 

Vanessa xo